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Anuar Kasa (Ir. Dr.)


018- 379 2011


• Dr. Anuar is passionate about Meta-Coaching and NLP/Neuro-Semantics.
• He has conducted various short courses related to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as MATLAB & Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for researchers.
• He has presented many technical papers locally and internationally and supervised Msc & PhD students at UKM.

• BSc, University of Pittsburgh, USA
• MSc, Malaya University
• PhD (Geotechnical Engineering), UKM
• CPESC (Cert. Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control, USA)
• P.Eng (Professional Engineer)

• Cert. Meta-Coach (MCF, USA)
• Cert. Meta NLP/NS Master Practitioner (ISNS, USA)
• Cert. Mind Line Practitioner (ISNS, USA)
• Cert. LAB Profile Practitioner (SS, Canada).

• Trainer "NLP for Teachers/Researchers" (ANLP, Malaysia)

• Trainer of Hypnotherapy (IBH, Indonesia)
• Handwriting Analyst (Recruitment & Selection) (AGM)
• Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF)

• He Used to work as engineer at Gang-Nail Australia Ltd to design prefabricated timber roof trusses for numerous projects in Malaysia such as IIUM Gombak, Langkawi District Hospital and RnR North-South Highway Projects. He also worked for ABIM to supervise the construction of school buildings at Sungai Ramal.

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