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Abdul Latif Abdul Manan


016 - 233 1325

• Former Training Manager of Sime Darby Plantations Berhad (Formerly known as Golden Hope Academy) for 17 years based at Sime Darby Plantations Academy, Carey Island, Selangor. He previously served as a Field Assistant and Human Resource professional.

• Successfully conducted courses for the Sime Darby Plantations group of companies as well as a co-trainer for PLUS Expressways Berhad. Successfully conducted training for Rangkaian Hotel Seri Malaysia, KFC Holdings, KPDNKK, Felda Holdings Berhad, Felda Global Ventures Berhad.

• Specialises in the area of Human Resources, Quality, Communications, Administration, and Team-building for the Diploma of Mechanical Engineering (UiTM), Diploma of Agriculture (UPM) and the Sime Darby Group of Companies.

• B Sc Agribusiness, UPM
• MBA (International Management), RMIT, Australia
• Certified Meta-Coach (ISNS, USA)

• Certified NLP Trainer (NFNLP, USA)

• Certified NLP Master Practitioner from NFNLP, USA
• Certified Master Practitioner Neuro Semantics (ISNS, USA)
• Certified Language and Behaviour Profiler, Canada

• Certified Master of Hypnotheraphy (ABH, USA)
• Certified Hypnotherapist (IACT, USA)
• Certified Action Learning Coach from World Institute of Action Learning, Malaysia

• Certified practitioner of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) and certified instructor of the Juran methodology

Anuar Kasa (Ir. Dr.)


018- 379 2011


• Dr. Anuar is passionate about Meta-Coaching and Meta NLP.
• He has conducted various short courses related to Meta NLP as well as Art. Neural Networks.
• He supervises postgraduate students at UKM.

• BSc, University of Pittsburgh, USA
• MSc, Malaya University
• PhD (Geotechnical Engineering), UKM
• CPESC (Cert. Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control, USA)
• P.Eng (Professional Engineer)

• Cert. NLP Trainer (NFNLP, USA)

• Cert. NLP Coach (NFNLP, USA)

• Cert. NLP-Hypnotherapy Practitioner (NFNLP, USA)
• Cert. Meta-Coach (MCF, USA)

• Cert. NLP/NS Meta Master Practitioner (ISNS, USA)
• Cert. LAB Profile Practitioner (SS, Canada)
• Cert. Hypnotherapy Instructor (IBH, Indonesia)
• Handwriting Analyst (AGM)
• Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF)

• He Used to work as engineer at Gang-Nail Australia Ltd to design prefabricated timber roof trusses for numerous projects in Malaysia such as IIUM Gombak, Langkawi District Hospital and RnR North-South Highway Projects. He also worked for ABIM to supervise the construction of school buildings at Sungai Ramal.

Bashirah Kamaludin (Datin)


012 - 719 1148

• A high integrity corporate player person, energetic business leader known for her ability to envision and create successful outcome.

• She has more than 10 years experience as a person in-charged for a family joint-venture companies, and a founder of her own companies, with additional 15 years management experience in corporate companies gained from diverse industries and divisional experience.

• She innovated new business modules for entrepreneurs called FMI (Francais Modal Insan), and a module for teenage development called Remaja Santing. Known as person willingly to work extensively for better performance and productivity, choosing to be competent in business coaching for sincerely giving hand to others.

• Management of Telekom Malaysia Berhad, Corporate Human Resources. Founder and Initiator of EAP program for Telekom Malaysia's Employees. Appointed by Yayasan Telekom Malaysia as the manager in-charged for Overseas Scholarship Program for Malaysian Students.

• Associate Certified Meta Coach, 2013
• Certified Neuro-Semantics/NLP Trainer, ISNS, 2014
• A member of ISNS, USA 2012

• PPA (Personality Profile Analysis) 1995 (Thomas International Management System)
• Masters of Art Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Rehabilitation Counselling, and International Management. California States University, San Bernardino, California.
• Bachelor (Hons) of Social Science Social Development and Administration/Political Science University Science of Malaysia.


Mohamed Kamal Jamaluddin (Ir.)


012 - 330 0499

• Specialising in coaching using the Psychology of Meaning of the art and science of Neuro-Semantics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

• His passion in managing people and completing tasks, building roads and buildings, rehabilitating failed slopes, engineering stable foundations (sub-structures) for super-structures, continues on. He loves building excellent human beings, "reengineering" human behaviour, and "designing" solid foundation for excellent life for any one, any organisation to contribute to themselves and finally to the world.

• Coached individuals including Form Four and Form Five students, Sales Consultants, and Entrepreneurs.

• With Akademi NLP Malaysia since 2012 under tutelage of Master Trainer and Global Team Leadership Member ISNS, Tuan Hj Md Taib Mat conducting courses with Jabatan Akauntan Negara, Kementerian Penerangan, MARDI, TNB, INFRA for Penghulu-penghulu Malaysia, several schools for large group of students.

• Former Engineer since 1978 with several organisations including LKNP, JKR, PLUS Bhd, Harum Engineering Sdn Bhd, HCM Engineering, R&A Geotechnics Sdn Bhd as Design Engineer, Building and Special Projects Engineer, District Engineer, Building Projects Engineer, Construction Manager, Maintenance Management Manager, Special Asistant (Civil Engineering) to Chairman, Project Manager, Resident Engineer, and Directorship in several engineering consultant company and contracting company.

• Certified Meta Master NLP/NS Practitioner (NFNLP/ISNS, USA)
• Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC, ISNS, USA).
• Group and Team Coaching Certificate (ISNS, USA)
• Certified Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profile Practitioner (SS, Canada).

• Certified MindLines Practitioner (ISNS, USA).
• Certified Accessing Personal Genius (APG) Practitioner (ISNS, USA).
• Hold a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) Degree from University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia.

• A Master of Civil Engineering (Geotechnical) Degree from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA.
• Member Insitute of Engineers Malaysia.
• Professional Engineer, Board of Engineers Malaysia.

• Hold a Certified Diploma In Accounting and Finance CDipAF.

Mohd Fauzi Nordin


019 - 397 0002


• Mohd Fauzi Nordin is a Principal Consultant of CS HRM Services. He is a Certified Meta Coach by International Society of Neuro-Semantics

• Certified Coach under International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Certified NLP Coach from Coaching Division of the American Board of NLP, USA.

• Certified Neuro-Semantics/NLP Trainer by ISNS, USA, Certified NLP Trainer (NFNLP, USA), Certified NLP Master Practitioner by NFNLP, USA, Certified LAB Profile (SS, CAN), Certification in Training Evaluation (CITE) from Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (EET/0145).

• He started his career in Ministry of Home Affairs before joining Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA). Thereafter, he was working in Operations in Government Linked Company before held Senior Human Resources position. Currently, he runs his own training and consultancy firm for the last 14 years.

• Mohd Fauzi holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Diploma in Personnel Management and Diploma in Public Administration.

• As a trainer, he has trained widely in private sector in the area of Human Resources Management, Industrial Relations, Labour Laws, Supervisory Skills, Motivation, Salary Administration, Team building, Customer Service, Sales, Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

• His consulting experience ranges from HR Policy and Manual, Employee Handbook, Training & Development, Retrenchment and Termination of Employee.

Syed Yusainee Syed Yahya (Dr.)


013 - 380 8864

• In 1992 he was attached to Non-Destructive Testing Unit (NDT) at Unit Tenaga Nuklear, Malaysia and had vast experiences conducting technical inspections in PGU projects, pipeline fabrication for Serdang TNB Power Plant and Eddy Current inspection at Duyong Platform for Petronas. In 1993 he transferred to SIRIM to conduct and teach NDT techniques before joining academic world in 1994.

• He had since conducted many short courses related to soft skills programmes under Jabatan Perdana Menteri Malaysia, PLKN, MARA and many more. On top of those technical know-how he is also an expert in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching for leaders and managers. He writes articles and promotes this ‘mind-sciences’ to public.

• B.Sc (Hons) in Physics, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
• PhD in Physics, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

• Cert. Meta-Coach (MCF, USA)
• Cert. NLP Trainer (NFNLP, USA)

• Cert. NLP Coach (NFNLP, USA)

• Cert. NLP-Hypnotherapy Trainer (NFNLP, USA)

• Cert. Meta NLP/NS Master Practitioner (ISNS, USA)
• Cert. Hypnotherapy Practitioner (IACT, USA)
• Cert. LAB Profile Practitioner (SS, Canada).

Zulfahan Haji Pagon


016 - 216 6006

• He is passionate on having people achieving their goals and having the belief that everyone can actualize their potentials.

• He has worked in leading edged multi-national companies in the sector of technology and telecommunications such as Intel Technology, Celcom and Stratex Network. He has vast experience in the regional market in technology and telecommunication sector.

• He is a Certified Meta-Coach by International Society of Neuro-Semantics.
• He is a Neuro-Semantics/NLP Trainer by International Society of Neuro-Semantics.
• He completed all The Basic Training and The Advanced Course of the Asiaworks Experiential Training.

• He staffed and facilitated The Basic Training and The Advanced Course of the Asiaworks Experiential Training.
• He facilitated, coached and coordinated Leadership Programs for Asiaworks. In this process, he has gained vast experiences in working with people from all walks of life to achieve their goals.
• Graduated from Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Ilinoiss, USA. with Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Finance.


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