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Claude Sta Clara - Philippines

He has been a Facilitator and Training Consultant for the past 23 years. He specializes in Communication Skills using Neuro-Semantics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Self-Actualization Psychology; Personal Leadership and Organizational Change; Belief Change and Culture Transformation; Adult, Teen and Kiddie Discovery Camps; Teambuilding and Outdoor Adventure Courses; Leadership for Teachers and Students; Transformational and High Performance Coaching; Creativity and Innovation Workshops.

Claude is the Philippine's first Internationally Licensed Meta-Coach (ACMC) and is the country's only Licensed Neuro-Semantic NLP Trainer. He is also a Certified Timeline Therapy (TLT) Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and has a Diploma in Self-Actualization Psychology from the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS-USA). Claude finished his BS/MS Metallurgical Engineering degrees from the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

Colin Cox - New Zealand

The skills and experience that Colin brings are extensive and varied with two critical and defining qualities that are woven intricately into the very fabric of what he does as a Trainer & Executive Meta-Coach. These two qualities are his constant pursuit of personal excellence in what he does professionally and his extensive experience as a Corporate Trainer.

Colin received his Master Trainer certification in Neuro-Semantics (NS) in South Africa in 2005. As of 2012 he remains recognised as the only Master Trainer in the field of Neuro-Semantics. He has held a position on the Global NS Leadership Team with the International Society of Neuro-Semantics for the past 7 years.

He constantly continues to evolve through his passion for learning. He draws his continued learning from the domains of Neuro-Semantics, Cognitive and Behavioural Psychology, the Social Sciences, Learning Psychology and Accelerated Learning, to ensure he remains a recognised global leader in Learning & Development.

Colin was formerly a triple NZ International sporting representative competing at World Championship level in 3 different sports: Powerlifting, World’s Strongestman Contest and the Scottish Highland Games. He has also won 4 New Zealand sports titles in 4 different sports. It is this unique sporting attitude of achieving personal excellence that he posses, that he brings in a practical and meaningful way to all he does in his role at Ignition

Colin’s a highly sought after inspirational Keynote Presenter; Corporate Trainer and Executive Meta-Coach who has both a national and international reputation for being highly engaging, down to earth, and a person who produces sustainable results for those he consults to.

Dory Sonata (Ir) - Indonesia

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Trisakti University – Jakarta, Indonesia)
Master of Engineering Science (University of New South Wales – Sydney, Australia)
Master of Management in Marketing (IPWIJA – Jakarta, Indonesia)

Associate Certified Meta Coach (Meta Coach Foundation - USA)
Group and Team Coach (Meta Coach Foundation – New Zealand)

Certified Hypnotherapist (Adi W. Gunawan Institute)
Master Ego State Therapy (School of Mind Reprogramming)
Ego State Therapy (School of Mind Reprograming)
Certified Master Practitioner NS-NLP (International NS–NLP, USA)
Certified Practitioner NS-NLP (International NS–NLP, USA)
Licensed Business Practitioner of NLP (The Society of NLP, USA)

Dorry Sonata has more than 20 years’ experience in Manufacturing, Operations, Maintenance, Human resource at some multinasional company (Sumitomo Corporation, Firmenich, British American Tobacco, AMCOR Asia, Essilor Technology Center) in Indonesia at Senior Level position.

Executive Business Program, Senior Development Program Level at Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University, Singapore and Essec Busness School, Paris, France.

International Operation training at Bangkok, Thailand
ERP Open resources
ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO 18000

Firdaus Arshad - Malaysia


Firdaus Arshad is an Executive Business Meta Coach and a Professional Learning Facilitator who is commited to helping you and your organization. His services have been engaged to develop individuals to be their best selves and unearthing the highest potentials of organisations through Meta-Coaching.

His methodology is designed to promote individual, team and organisational independence, flexibility, motivation, creativity and resilience in facing personal and business challenges.

Past Experience: He has experience in helping the national petroleum producer to complete an oil rig twice as high as the Petronas Twin Towers, a project that brought together engineering expertise from Malaysia, France, Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia. He leverages this experience in improving his clients’ individual and organisational social intelligence. He is continually engaged by the largest companies in Malaysia to share his expertise in improving their performance and sales.

Present Specialization: Firdaus Arshad’s approach and natural flair makes him ideals for most areas of learning, including business and living that requires sustained performance. This involves Vision, Training, Strategic Thinking, Employee Management, Personal Management, Leadership, Customer Service, Sales and Sales Management, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Time Management, Training & Development and Public Speaking. With hundreds of thousands of hours allocated to improve his skills and knowledge in the professional use of the Neuro Semantic - Neuro Linguistic Programming systems, coaching results outcomes can be measured via key performance indicators and benchmarks after their individual Meta Coaching sessions.

Proud Achievements and Accreditations: Firdaus Arshad is currently the Director of Meta Learning Sdn Bhd and is a Neuro Semantics, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NSNLP) Meta-Coach at InSaff Management Training & Consultancy. His goal is to develop human beings as God’s best assets.

The Human Resources Development Fund also recognizes his skills and expertise by accrediting him as a competent trainer (TTT3999). As a Professional Learning Facilitator, he passionately believes in the right of learning for all and shares learning about the reality of self both practically and powerfully.

The International Society of Neuro Semantic (ISNS), based in Clifton, USA recognizes him as a practitioner of Neuro Semantic practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy practitioner - Time Lines.

His expertise in human development has led to his accreditation as a Success Power Trainer by Global Genius Sdn Bhd.

As a Meta Coach, his accreditation as SOIF Coach of Take Charge Sdn Bhd. makes him unique sets him apart makes himself different and produce great difference during his run.

When accredited internationally as an Associate Certified Meta Coach, ACMC-ISNS, USA, this credential provides a solid grounding for his expertise in helping clients attain their goals.

Accreditation by the Body Language Institute, USA Certified, You Can Not Lie To Me (Body Language & Decep6on Detection) helps his clients to drive their performance with Gathering Intelligence techniques.

He is also an Executive Committee member of the Muslim Motivational Training Consultants Association of Malaysia (TAMRIN) where Dato' Dr . Haji Mohd Fadzillah Kamsah serves an advisory role.

Jimmy Susanto - Indonesia

Jimmy Susanto has a passion of growing and learning by learned from world class Master. He has the opportunity to learn from:

Co-Creator of NLP™: Dr. Richard Bandler,
President of The Society of NLP™: John La Valle,
ActionCOACH Founder, Business Coach: Brad Sugars,
International Coach Federation (ICF) Global Board Director: DR. Ajay Nangalia,
Neuro Semantic NLP & Meta Coaching System Founder: Dr. Michael Hall,
The Author of International Bestselling book “Law of Attraction” : Michael J Losier

Jimmy Susanto is successfully managed and systemized a family property business. He started in the company from the low level to the top level of management. He started as a role of a salesman with no basic salary, only with commission based income.

One of the big achievements in sales that he was able to made a record sales up to 500% sales in any average month of sales in the company ever. Highest achievement in the company by the name "PT. Coinmas Membangun" as General Manager.

He was also operated and owned a medical clinic in Bekasi with several medical doctors for more than 500 house residents.

Currently Jimmy Susanto is the Founder, CEO, Trainer and Head Coach of Peace Love Profit (PLP) Institute. Recently he also established Law of Attraction Indonesia and PLP Media. PT. Pengembang Lintas Pengetahuan is the legalized company in Indonesia to support his businesses.

PLP Institute is the 1st and only NLP™ Institute in Indonesia that provides NLP training for Business as Licensed Business Practitioner of NLP™ approved by The Society of NLP™ - USA. Jimmy Susanto is also Indonesian 1st Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator and Law of Attraction Indonesia as 1st Law of Attraction Centre in Indonesia.

He is also been invited to give and share his knowledge, training and coaching in Thailand and Malaysia.

Licensed Trainer of NLP™ (The Society of NLP™ - USA)
Licensed NLP Coaching Trainer™ (The Society of NLP™ - UK)
Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator (Michael J Losier – Canada)

Design Human Engineering™ (The Society of NLP™- USA)
Persuasion Engineering™ (The Society of NLP™- USA)
Life Long Learning in Developing Application of NLP™ (The Society of NLP™- Netherland)

Associate Certified Coach (International Coach Federation - USA)
Associate Certified Meta-Coach (Meta-Coach Foundation - USA)

Group and Team Coach (Meta-Coach Foundation – New Zealand)
The Competent Coach (Global Coach Trust - India)
The Coach Practitioner (Global Coach Trust - India)
Certified Professional Coach (LOOP Indonesia - Indonesia)
Certified Life Coach (Inspirasi Indonesia – Indonesia)

Licensed Identity Compass® Consultant (Identity Compass International - Germany)
Certified Hypnotherapist (National Guild of Hypnotist, Inc - USA)
5-PATH® Hypnotherapist (Banyan Hypnosis Center - USA)
Master Hypnotist (Banyan Hypnosis Center - USA)
7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher (Banyan Hypnosis Center - USA)

Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® (Time Line Therapy Association - USA)
Certified Property Analyst (Panagian School of Property – Indonesia)
Certified Cognitive Behavior Therapy (Via Vitae – Indonesia)
Certified Communication Expert (Inspirasi Indonesia – Indonesia)
Accessing Personal Genius (Meta Mind – Indonesia)
Certified NS-NLP Practitioner (Meta Mind – Indonesia)

Kartiko Adi Pramono - Indonesia


In the beginning of his career as junior lecturer in PMS-ITB in 1988, Kartiko won a Swiss Confederation Scholarship to achieve a Diplom Ingenieure Degree (Dipl. Ing. HTL) in ITR-Switzerland, majoring in Industrial Management. During his scholarship program, Kartiko was prepared to be a facilitator and lecturer, and attended a series of Didactic Methodic Courses in that country.

From 1993 to 1998, Kartiko gave lectures for a number of technical institutions/ universities in Bandung and involved in wide spectrum of education practices, as researcher, curriculum developer, apprentice program manager, researcher of dual-system education project, industrial trainer, job analyzer, ISO 9000 internal auditor, head of production planning control division, head of vocational education program and head of feasibility study for establishment of Riau polytechnic.

From 1998 to 2005, Kartiko widened his professional work and started to support various private organizations and NGOs. During this period, Kartiko has developed his knowledge and skills in Whole Brain Thinking, Mind Management and Habit Transformation. Kartiko conducted and co-trained more than 100 series of public training in Emotional Metabolism, Emotional Intelligence, Extra Sensory Perception, Spiritual Leadership and Mind Refresh. Kartiko also trained thousands of people in various programs including Self Exploration, Interpersonal Relation, Self-Awareness, Positive Work Attitude, Team Building, Persuasive Communication, Motivation, Resonant Leadership and Achieving Peak Performance.

From 2005 to now, Kartiko supports various BUMN, such as: BTN, Garuda Indonesia, Semen Gresik, Krakatau Steel, TASPEN, PTPN, PLN, as an associate consultant in the whole spectrum of organizational cultural change, education and training services, from conducting needs assessments and training curricula and materials designing to managing large scale training and corporate cultural change projects and conducting training programs for different levels in organizations, from staff levels to top level management (CEO).

During those self-development periods, Kartiko started to develop new training approaches based on habit transformation and mindset change. His facilitating competencies have been improved through his continuous learning and obtain several licenses and certified as:

Licensed of NLP Master Practitioner form The Society of NLP(TM),
Associated Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) from International Society of Neuro-Semantics,
Certified Neuro Action Practitioner, from Neuro Action Technology
Certified Master Communication Skill Specialist, from SLB
Certified EQ Mentor from Shiftink,
Certified Behavior Consultant from Smart Character,
Certified Hypnotherapist from IBH,

And a lot of coaching and mentoring certification in mindset development area.
With several partners, he developed a transformational community named Experiencing Better Habit Institute (www.better-habit.com) and started to work out, train, coach the new approach of Character Building, Teamwork Building, Positive Human Interaction and Communication, Leadership Actions and Motivation.

Till now, Kartiko has served various types of industries, namely Garuda Indonesia, Semen Gresik, Bukaka Teknik Utama, GAP Inc., Temas Line, KPK, Universitas Paramadina, Bina Sarana Informatika, ELNUSA, PLAN Indonesia, BAYER, MABES TNI-AL, Tyco Europipe Indonesia, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, KPK, ILO, UNFPA, Gress Promo, GIZ, Takenaka Indonesia, Takigawa Resto Network, Siemens Indonesia PTDM, Indosat, Bank BTN, Bank Bumiputera, Perum Pegadaian, ANTV, FIN Logistics, Capital Managers Asia, Ray White Indonesia, EDP-STAN, Park Lane Hotel and Nike, and many more.

His area of interest has always been in human development which involves better mindset building and behavioral change. His main interests are in interpersonal relation improvement, personal development, team performance and inter-organizational skill enhancement.

Special touch given by Kartiko in every of his training’s and coaching’s sessions ease all participant in internalizing all learning materials and finding their desired outcomes. He always conducts his sessions in a fun and inspiring ambience which helps the audience to be proactively involved in performing self-reflection and finding solutions.

Lena Gray - New Zealand

Lena is a Director of “Ignition” - Leaders in Transformational Training and Coaching Solutions for Individuals and Organisations.

She is an Inspirational and Passionate International Corporate Trainer, Executive Performance Coach, and Keynote Presenter.

She is also the President of the Institute of Neuro Semantics for New Zealand (INSNZ), and the National Director of the NZ Meta Coach Foundation, and a member of the International leadership team for Neuro Semantics.

At the forefront of human development Lena uses cutting edge coaching and training technologies to grow and support her clients in their life directions. With her Natural approach and communication style, and her persistent belief that potential is gifted to all, she is an outstanding Trainer, Coach and Leader.

She is an Internationally Qualified Neuro Semantics Trainer (ISNS – South Africa), and Coach (ACMC, MCF - Sydney). Lena is 1 of 6 Internationally Certified Meta-Coach Training System Trainers Worldwide. Lena is the first and currently the only New Zealander.

Lena specializes in Transformational Leadership, and Personal/Professional Relationship Training and Coaching. When working with Executives, Lead Managers, Business Owners, Organisational and Sports Teams, Athletes, Families, Couples, and Young adults she persistently and successfully Facilitates and Coaches individuals and teams to higher performance.

She considers her successes worldwide to be a reflection of her commitment to the growth and development of individuals and organisations, her advocacy of self-Leadership and self-actualization, her obsession with continued learning, and being passionately committed to getting ‘real’ results when working with those who want to get more out of life and/or work life.

Mohammad Utoro - Indonesia

Leader/Executive Coach
Industrial Relation Coach
Corporate/Employee Engagement Coach
National Mediation Center Mediator

Certified NS-NLP Practiioner
Certified Meta-Master Practitioner
Associate Certified Meta-Coach
Certified NLP Practitioner
Certified HR Professional (CHRP)
Certified Job Analysis & Evaluation

Mohd Ramlee Mohd Noor - Malaysia

Mohd Ramlee bin Mohd Noor is a Human Resource and Admin Manager of GLC.
Office based in Subang Jaya.

He is Certified Meta Coach by International Society of Neuro-Semantics.
Certified Train The Trainer under Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad, Ministry of Human Resource. Certification No. TTT/3992.

Certified in Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programing. NLNLP, USA.
Certified in Basic Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programing for Internal Counselors. NLP-NS
Certified Licensed Trainer – NLP for Teachers, Akademi NLP Malaysia.
Certified Train The Trainer for Program “Mesra Perkhidmatan Pelanggan”, Ministry of Tourism.

Diploma in Public Administration, UiTM, Shah Alam, Selangor.
Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management, Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
25 years working experience in customer services.
Internal counselor for the company.
Sexual Harassment Mediator in the Group of Companies.

Muhammad Hairin Ahmad Supian - Malaysia

- Meta-Coach (MCF, USA)
- Butchery Trainer
- Fresh Market Food Trainer
- Food Handler Trainer

Hairin was a graduate from Mara University of Technology Shah Alam, Selangor. He obtained Diploma in Business Studies in year 2000. He has experience in retailing for more than 9 years.

Since 2003, Hairin has been with GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. He works as an experienced Department Head in Fresh Division. He has been involved in Meat and Poultry business in Giant and responsible for the business. His first attachment store was at TMC, Bangsar.

Hairin has developed and conducted retail fresh training programs for retail and food service personnel at all levels for non executives to top operation managers. Besides, he is also able to conduct the skills training such as the Pre-Butchery and Intermediate Butchery sessions.

In his capacity as a Certified Trainer in Food Handler Training by Ministry of Health, Hairin was also accountable for its profitability. The groups of Fresh Market Divisions Team shall have the certificates in order to fulfill the requirement as certified Food Handler.

He has been an active member of professional bodies such as Malaysian Butcher Club members. and used to visit others country e.g. Singapore; to get and enhance more exposure about Food and Beverage information.



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